The Best Cold Email Software for 2021

Any business owner who conducts outbound sales or plays a role in lead generation will tell you that cold emailing as a process is integral.

So many programs promise to enhance your cold email campaigns that picking out which software is right for you can be challenging.

What do you look for in the right cold email software, then? Let’s take a look.

The 5 Key Features You Should Look For in a Cold Email Tool

1. Personalization

A cold email software with personalization is crucial in making meaningful connections with potential clients.

The degree to which cold emailing tools personalize your emails differs from tool to tool. Some tools allow you only to automatically include recipient names and addresses, while others let you also include customized images and links.

Get a tool that allows you to tailor your emails in a variety of ways so recipients feel like you’re interacting with them directly.

2. Email Tracking and Analytics

Software that tracks open rates, click-through rates, and response rates is a critical feature all email marketing programs should have. These metrics allow you to measure and optimize future marketing campaigns.

It’s better to invest in tools that include this in their base plans since most systems require a premium feature to use email tracking.

3. Campaign Automation

A huge benefit of cold email tools is their automation. Software that is designed for cold email marketing can generate targeted mailing lists, create personalized email templates and send follow-ups.

The easier the user experience, the better. You can easily launch an email campaign in seconds by using one compact tab.

4. Integrations with Other Tools

Cold email software nowadays works in conjunction with other integrations, like Gmail, Outlook, or Salesforce, to help you carry out your task. For example, some tools will connect LinkedIn directly to the CRM, allowing you to import contacts from LinkedIn directly to CRM.

5.Cold Email Templates

The hardest part of cold emailing is writing an effective cold email template. Once you nail a template that produces results, you’ll want to hone it.

You don’t have to write the same email repeatedly though. Most tools provide cold email templates that you can save and take advantage of in the future when needed. Some even have copywriter-written email templates that you can use verbatim or as inspiration.

Your cold emailing efforts can dramatically improve when you take advantage of email templates, regardless of what type of campaign you’re running.

What’s the Best Cold Email Software?

Icy Leads

A fully-packed cold email toolkit that’s easy to use

Icy Leads helps you send personalized emails in bulk through our powerful mail merge features, schedule follow-ups, and replies automatically based on whether recipients open emails, click links, or reply using their easy-to-use lead finder.

There are also options for setting the intervals between follow-up emails and deciding when they should be sent (for instance, between 6am and 10am on weekdays).

You can use Icy Leads to analyze campaign metrics like open rate, click-through rate, reply rate, and conversion rate before sending out a mailing to maximize the performance of your content.

The Icy Leads platform works with tons of apps, including Mailchimp and HubSpot, so you can take advantage of their numerous integrations by adding your responses to your CRM easily.


Sales CRM built for email and phone calls

The Close CRM and sales platform features a myriad of features that lets you manage your emails, create tasks, field cold calls, and more right from your dashboard.

In the same way that you might expect, you can use a re-usable email template, design personalized drip campaigns, and pause campaigns if leads reply.

It’s easy to set up campaigns, so you’ll always know when they’re going out. You can also set reminders, see open rates, and easily analyze metrics.


An email tool that helps you make your emails more personal.

The popular email tool Lemlist lets you create customized cold emails by using text, video, or image. Do you have trouble coming up with a cold email solution? Lemlist has you covered.

Lemlist takes personalization to a new level by supporting personalized text, images, and landing pages.

Let’s say you were pitching your agency services to Coca-Cola. In that case, you use Lemlist to automatically swap out the logo on one of your standard mockups with Coca-Cola’s logo to make your lead more interested.

Lemlist also provides a “lemwarm” service, which works to increase the probability that your messages will end up in the primary inbox and not the spam folder.


Send cold emails directly from your Gmail account.

GMass is a Chrome Extension that lets you stay organized by managing your cold email lists directly from your Gmail inbox. It integrates into your inbox and features powerful features.

The service lets you create mail merge fields directly in Google Sheets, so even though it’s a simple tool, you can still personalize and scale. Other unique include Reply management, Break Gmail’s sending limits, New messages v/s replies, Personalization, and more.


An inbox tool designed to help you sell more.

Saleshandy is another email tracking, automation, and outreach tool that can work as a standalone application or as an extension for Gmail or Outlook.

A few of Saleshandy’s features are standard: it offers tracking, following up, and sending emails as well as email templates and tracking for specific links, so you can see who has clicked specific links and make more informed decisions about follow-up campaigns. Also, you can use the tool to send out large groups of emails by using a mail merge.


Book meetings with prospects by email.

When you regularly schedule meetings with prospects, you’ll love MixMax thanks to its time-saving scheduling capabilities. Its many features include one-click meetings, send later, MixMax sequences, email tracking, and more.

Your prospects can book meetings directly from your emails, so they can start further conversations. Your emails can be tracked and their engagement can be captured in detailed analytics.

You can personalize your emails through Gmail’s integration with most CRMs and update your CRM directly from Gmail.


One platform for multichannel outreach.

Reply is a sales engagement platform that can transform your outbound sales process.

Reply’s unique feature is that it’s a multi channel platform. This means that you don’t have to limit yourself to sending emails. Instead, you can send an email, follow up by SMS, and then follow up by phone.

Reply’s AI is another cool feature. Reply analyzes your email copy and rates its quality so that you know what’s working and what’s not before you send it. Plus, Reply lets you analyze your campaigns and discover areas to improve. Reply has integrations with popular platforms, like Pipedrive, Vidyard, and Hubspot.


The cold outreach tool for teams that want to analyze performance.

Marketing teams looking for a comprehensive tool that can handle all parts of lead generation will certainly appreciate Outreach. It is a fully-featured platform that has extensive cold emailing features along with features for voice, email, and social media.

With cloud deployment, web deployment, and SaaS implementation, has put a focus on intelligent automation and reply detection for getting your prospects in the door. They also offer personalization options to make it seem like you can talk directly to your prospects.


The easy-to-use and highly effective email tracking tool.

Professional sales reps and inbound marketing professionals use Yesware’s sales prospecting feature to help them build and send personalized cold email marketing campaigns. It works on Gmail and Outlook.

You can schedule follow-ups and email sequences with Yesware’s automation features. There are also tracking features, which are standard nowadays.

There is one thing Yesware does better than the rest: it has a handy meeting scheduler so prospects can pick a time to meet. That cuts down on time wasted going back and forth.

Also, Yesware connects with other platforms, including Salesforce and LinkedIn, so that you can use them inside your favorite email client.


An excellent cold email tool for securing your emails and lowering bounce rates.

Woodpecker lets recruiters, sales reps, and marketing managers automate each aspect of their work with easy email marketing. It includes everything you need to get the attention of prospects to convert them to customers and sales.

Woodpecker not only lets you automate follow-ups, but also provides the ability to set conditions for sending different kinds of email messages.

One of Woodpecker’s distinguishing features is it offers security. With its automatic throttling feature, the tool bypasses spam filters, detects duplicates, blacklists emails, and monitors bounces.

How Can You Make Cold Email Software Work for You?

Before you schedule a demo with a cold email software company, assess your company’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, as every business is different. For instance, a marketing agency’s needs are a lot different from an independent recruiter’s needs.

Here is a list of general guidelines to follow to make your life easier.

Find out all the features of the software before you buy it. While this may seem obvious, it is far too easy to overlook something that could save you time and money. While you probably won’t want to use every feature every time you send an email, it’s important that you know all of the tools at your disposal so you can make the best call for each situation as it arises.

It is important that you are aware of the software’s capabilities, no matter how limited they may be, so you know what to do when each situation arises. Then, you can contact your prospects using cold-emailing software. Once that is done, use the software to follow up at a good time.

Understand how to write cold emails in order to make cold email software work effectively. Lots of software tools can help. You can see samples of the best cold emails on many popular platforms.

A/B testing and other analytics that your chosen software offers may also be useful for monitoring the campaign’s performance.


With the help of the helpful cold email software listed above, you’ll succeed with your campaign and use email marketing as a lead generation channel.

Any of this software helps you work faster and easier. Try them and choose the one that suits your needs and available resources.

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