How to Quickly Find the Key Decision-Maker Contact Emails at eCommerce Brands in Bulk

Struggling to find eCommerce leads for cold email outreach?

A common problem I hear of pretty often when regards to Icy Leads & finding professional contact emails is:


Can I find eCommerce leads with the software?


And I understand why…

As an agency focused on helping other agency owners & SaaS founders, many of the agencies requested to work with us in hopes of targeting eCommerce prospects for their cold outreach campaigns.

We learned that it was just nearly impossible to filter out the right people due to the flexibility of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator filters.

So, as a growth hacker, I needed to dive in and find a solution to the problem.

And I did, so I’m going to share this top-secret method with you today so you no longer need to worry about finding a supply of eCommerce prospects in the future.

Just take a look at some of the people already using this method to generate leads for their businesses almost immediately.



How to Find All of the Companies Using Shopify & WooCommerce in Bulk

We’ll start by finding a list of companies that have installed the Shopify or WooCommerce script on their websites.

To do this, typically you’d need an account with BuiltWith...

But since I’m being generous, I went ahead and did the honors of outsourcing to export the full lists of websites that are using Shopify & WooCommerce, for FREE.

You’ll notice when making a search in BuiltWith, it constantly tracks which websites have installed the scripts we’ve defined.

Below in the screenshot, you’ll notice what it looks like when you make a search for a script inside of BuiltWith.

You can notice the “Download Lead List” button which will download all of the company URLs that you need (if you’re on a paid plan).

In this case, you want eCommerce leads so I’ll give them to you.



How to Access Our Exported BuiltWith Lead Lists For Free

To access the full list of Shopify & WooCommerce websites exported from BuiltWith, you’ll need to download the CSV files from this link.

Once you have access to download our CSV files that we outsourced from BuiltWith, you then have to split up the files (they’re HUGE).

What you’re going to do is head over to Split CSV.

Split CSV will split a large CSV file up into multiple sheets broken up by 1,000 rows in seconds (I’ll explain why later on).

We’ll need to do this to find the emails efficiently.

#1: Choose the CSV file you want to split and upload to Split CSV (this will take a few minutes, just be patient)

#2: Set the Limit (lines) option to 1,000 and make sure Header Rows is set to 1.



#3: Click Advanced Options, then click Confirm Order.



#4: Enter your email address and then click Split.



Sometimes, it won’t be ready instantly depending on the volume of people using Split CSV at the time.

But most of the times, you can get the export instantly.

Otherwise, it’ll send to your email address when it’s finished processing.

#5: Once everything is finished, simply click Download.



Next, you’ll want to create a folder to keep track of the sheets while you find the contact emails.

So what you’re going to do is create that folder, extract the file from Split CSV, and inside you’ll notice a large list of CSV files split by 1,000 rows each.

It should look something like the screenshot below.



Depending on what you’re using these emails for, you may want to filter out the lists by filters such as tech spend, industry, etc. inside of the spreadsheets.

But that’s completely up to you…

In this case, all I’ll be doing is grabbing the Domain column as shown below.



How to Find Decision-Maker Contact Emails From a List of Websites Using Shopify & WooCommerce

The next and final steps are to find the key decision-maker contact emails at your lists of website URLs that were exported in the CSV files above.

To do this, you’ll need software that can accomplish something so robust.

In this case, I’ll be using Icy Leads to accomplish this.

If you’re not an Icy Leads customer yet, you can use the discount code “ICYLEADS20OFF” to get 20% off your lifetime Icy Leads subscription.

Icy Leads allows you to export unlimited B2B leads & their contact emails utilizing different modules for different use cases, and then send cold email sequences on autopilot, all under one dashboard.

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial here if you’d like to test run first.

Now, once you’re inside of Icy Leads, you’ll head over to the Icy Leads SEARCH module and Find Contacts as shown below in the screenshot.



Once you’re here, we make the rest of the process super simple to do.

All you need to do is open up each CSV file 1-by-1, grab the domain names in the Domain column of the spreadsheet and paste them into the search box to the right.

You also will want to choose the dropdown option “Give me only employees with a job title that contains…”

What this will allow you to do is filter out ONLY the key decision-makers or the prospects you want to be targeting.



You can see the filters I set in this case below in the screenshot.

I’m only looking to target only marketing directors & CXO positions at the companies listed in the search.

Once it’s ready, you want to click Upload my list.



Next, be patient while Icy Leads searches for any emails associated with the companies listed in the search.

This may take a couple of minutes, but it’s going to be worth it.

You can only make one search at a time here for 1,000 rows, so that’s why it’s important to keep track of the spreadsheets you’ve already imported before.

In the screenshot below, you can see in the search we made found 4,146 contact emails out of the 998 company URLs that I uploaded.



Once the search is finished processing, you can now download the complete list of found and pre-verified emails by clicking the Download button.

Next, you’ll simply upload the downloaded CSV file into Google Sheets like shown in the screenshot below.

You’ll notice you have 2 columns, both business AND personal emails that were found & verified.

Feel free to use these to your advantage.

I’d advise trying a campaign sending outreach emails to the professional emails & the personal emails.



Now, once you have an unlimited supply of eCommerce prospects, it’s now time to reach out to them at scale through email outreach on autopilot.


How to Send Cold Email Sequences to eCommerce Brands on Autopilot

Once you’ve gotten a decent supply of contact emails at these eCommerce brands, you can now send them cold email outreach sequences directly in Icy Leads.

Crazy valuable, I know…

To do this, you’ll simply want to head over to the Icy Leads SEQUENCES module.

Now this guide isn’t written as a tutorial for cold email outreach, so it’s up to you how you’d like to reach out to your contacts.

You can attach an unlimited supply of SMTP email accounts if you wish to and send different sequences to different eCommerce industries at a time.

All you need to do is:

#1: Attach an SMTP email account (such as G Suite)

#2: Create a template for each email you want to send in sequence

#3: Upload your list of contacts with the first name column included

#4: Create a campaign and set the settings you’d like to use to reach out to them over an automated email outreach sequence

If you have questions about how to use the Icy Leads SEQUENCES module, feel free to book an Icy Leads Demo with me here.

If you have questions about how to use the Icy Leads SEQUENCES module, feel free to book an Icy Leads Demo with me here.


Key Takeaways

+ Use our full exported BuiltWith list of Shopify & WooCommerce websites.

+ Upload the full list into Split CSV.

+ Use Icy Leads SEARCH to find the key decision-maker contact emails at the list of companies you’ve exported.

+ Send cold email sequences to them on autopilot.

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