How to Get SMMA Clients with Cold Emails

Finding new leads can feel like it can make or break your marketing agency.

A few months ago, your pipeline was full of leads and now it’s bare when you need the flow of work the most. If you’re busy working with clients, it’s easy to overlook searching for the next ones. When you’re not closing deals with clients, you’re only a few phone calls or emails away from instability. You may worry if you can make payroll or afford to pay the electricity bills.

Many agencies focus on revamping their website, updating their blog posts with more SEO keywords, and writing case studies for their portfolio when work dries up. However, you can focus on cold emailing for new clients and start prospecting right away.

You know cold emails work and you want to use it without allocating so much money into them. But you’re not sure how to create a cold email strategy or if your cold emails need more fine-tuning.

Cold emails are a quick way to get your business out there to clients and show you can solve their problems.

Icy Leads helps you find SMMA clients with cold email in no time.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of cold emails is not an overnight success. You need to keep going and even rewriting your emails if you don’t see your open rates changing. You need to dig deep into what your market is looking for, and once you discover what those are, cold emails can help you get to your agency goals faster.

If you understand your market and their wants, biggest pain points, and how you can deliver on them, you can reach success faster than using paid ads.

The Purpose of Cold Emails

Many people believe cold emails are one way to sell to them. In reality, cold email is to pique their interest, start a conversation and then get on a call with them. You’re selling the curiosity part, and you want to get a phone call with them.

When you write cold emails, you want to create a strategy that includes sending lots of cold emails and responding to those who show interest. Then you can have a phone call and hopefully close a sales deal. As you write your cold email, keep in mind that your purpose of a cold email is to get on a phone call or video chat with the decision-maker or the owner that you want to do business with.

How to Write a Killer Cold Email

Step 1. Find Your Leads

If you’re a small startup agency, cold emailing big-brand names such as Pepsi will likely not do much for you. You’re competing with many agencies reaching out to top-tier, Fortune 500 companies whose upper management and executives are already inundated with their pitches. This is likely going to be a waste of time for your agency.

What you can do instead is to reach out to local small and medium-sized businesses in your niche that need your help and expertise. You can even look at niche-specific job boards for potential leads. If you see them on these job boards, they’re likely receiving hundreds of pitches, so yours needs to shine from the rest.

To do this, you can use Icy Leads to find key decision-maker contacts in your market and sell to them through cold email outreach.

Here’s a demo of the Icy Leads platform and how you can easily do this for yourself.

Step 2. Write your cold email

Once you have narrowed down your leads, it’s time to settle into writing your cold email. Here are the basic rules to making cold email work for a potential lead:

#1: Personalize your email

Cold emails have greater success than other marketing tactics such as pay-per-click or Google and Facebook ads. You’re getting in touch with people who expressed a need by posting on a job board or are just starting out themselves in your local community. Make your cold email worth their time.

Find out who is the decision-maker and address them directly; no need to add the impersonal “To Whom It May Concern”.

Try using some of our cold email templates we have listed in our directory.

#2: Write a captivating subject line

It takes less than a second to get your prospect’s attention. To create an intriguing subject line, you need to assure them that 1) this isn’t a spam email and 2) you’ve done your research about them and their line of business. If you’re contacting someone you found a job board, their inbox is full of similar emails. You can show you’re genuinely interested in working with them by referring to your project in the subject line.

#3: Make it short and sweet

Keep your email short to show you understand their line of business, wants, and pain points. Deliver on how you can help solve them. This isn’t the time to immediately start selling to them. You want to give enough detail to make your point.

Rule 4: Lead them to the next step

Make your call-to-action clear by letting them know how to take the next steps. Rather than ask, “Let us know if you need anything else”, ask “Let’s set up a quick call—would Tuesday or Thursday morning work for you?” You can even add a calendar link to let them set up their own schedule with you and ask them to schedule a call with you. Don’t make them work to find out how they can learn more for you; they’re the ones who will hire you to solve their pain points hopefully.

Step 3: Follow Up

How many emails do you receive first thing in the morning while you’re working?

Your potential leads are dealing with the same thing. Everyone receives just as hundreds of emails as you do. If they’re on a job board, they’re likely getting much more emails from many others similar to you.

Sometimes emails fall through the cracks when they’re doing their best to keep up with their work. If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours, remind yourself that it’s not personal. They’re likely busy.

You can follow up with them consistently; otherwise, all your effort in researching and writing your cold emails would be moot. Keep following up until they tell you “no” or “yes” if they show some interest.

You Can Automate Your Cold Emails Too

While cold emails are effective in reaching out to new leads, they can take up a lot of time to research, reach out, and follow up consistently. You may end up delegating this to a virtual assistant or another member of your team that could also take a lot of resources and time away from working on projects with your current clients.

Icy Leads can help you find the right decision-makers, see their emails, and create email campaigns for continuous outreach. No need to spend time and effort when it takes a few clicks to find the leads you’re looking for.

Why Your Cold Emails Matter

Cold emails can help you grow your business with new clients. The more you reach out for new business, the quicker your agency grows and the less stress you’ll get about insufficient cash flow.

If you send cold emails the right way, it’s one of the quickest ways to keep your lead pipeline flowing.

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