10X Facebook Group Growth - Inviting Your Ideal Prospects Into Your Facebook Group at Scale, on AUTOPILOT

In the past couple of days, I’ve invited about 1,233 hyper-targeted prospects into my Facebook group at scale on AUTOPILOT.

And I’ll be teaching you exactly how you can use this strategy for yourself throughout this step-by-step guide below.



Your Facebook Group Growth Hacking Toolkit:

Before I get started with the guide, you’ll need to add  a couple of tools into your arsenal for this to work properly.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account
    • to filter out the right people to bring into the group
  • Email Finder
    • for finding hyper-targeted prospects
  • Jarvee
    • for automating group invitations
  • Facebook Group
    • to bring in your discovered contacts

If you’re familiar with Jarvee, you understand that it’s primarily made for growth hacking across multiple social media accounts.

In this guide, I’ll only be reviewing how we can gather new members into our Facebook group through the software, obviously because Facebook groups are such an important thing right now.

So to start, you’ll need to understand our goal.

Our goal is to drive a list of discovered contacts in our niche over to our Facebook groups at scale – all while doing this on autopilot.

So to accomplish this, we’ll need a hyper-targeted email list.

How are we going to get the list?

There’s many different ways you can discover email addresses from people on the LinkedIn platform, but I’ll go into exactly what we’ve been using.

We’ll start by generating an email list of hyper-targeted prospects through our Icy Leads software suite.

You can get a FREE 7 Day Trial of the Icy Leads UNLIMITED Lead Generation Software Suite here.

There’s many tools you can use to discover your prospect’s contact information, but it really all depends on where your prospects hang out in the 1st place.

In our case, this is LinkedIn.

In this guide, we’ll be using other digital marketing agency owners as an example.

If you have access to Icy Leads, you’ll find in your dashboard the Discover module.

What the Discover module does is extract contact information (both personal & professional emails) directly through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Now if your group is hyper-targeted on one specific niche, this is a perfect growth hack to grow your member base over a long period of time.

Now check this out… we can extract members directly from LinkedIn groups.

If we can find their emails, they’re perfect targets to bring into our own groups over on Facebook.

To do this, we’ll be obtaining our new leads directly through LinkedIn Sales Navigator along with the Icy Leads Discover module.

Sales Navigator gives us the ability to target and filter out group members by job title, company name, keywords, and more.

So we’ll be inviting new members into our group on Facebook’s behalf so all invitations are already being delivered straight to the inbox.

So there’s no need to affect our own email server’s deliverability.

To get started, we’ll build out our first list of ideal prospects directly in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

We’ll start by finding a group of prospects in the digital marketing space.

I’ll do a normal search directly in LinkedIn as shown below for digital agency groups that exist on LinkedIn already.

Notice how many members are in these groups?

Now we can source these for days, but let me move forward with the guide.


Once you’ve found some targeted LinkedIn groups, you’ll want to start building out your 1st list in Sales Navigator.

Like I said above, you can build lists for days, but let’s try to get them as hyper-targeted as we possibly can for this guide.

And to do that, we’ll be using Sales Navigator filters.

In the screenshot below, you’ll notice how you can target specific LinkedIn group members natively in the Sales Navigator platform.

I used this group below as an example and it threw out 610K+ results.



Now obviously we’ll need to break this down to get more targeted in our search.

So we’ll go ahead and filter out the members who aren’t the owners of a digital marketing agency.

What we did was added a couple of filters here to break it down.

1) Keywords:
(“digital” OR “marketing”) AND (“agency”)

2) Geography
United States

3) Industry
Marketing & Advertising

4) Job Title
“owner” OR “founder”

5) Group
SOLUTIONators for Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Digital Advertising, Promotion, and PR Innovation



Now, you’ll notice that we now have an extremely targeted list of our ideal prospects.

But how do we add them into our group?

1) We gather the emails from these members in the Sales Navigator list.

2) Then we’ll use Jarvee to invite them into our group at scale.

We’ll be using Icy Leads Discover to accomplish this, but feel free to use whatever email finders are already in your arsenal.

In Icy Leads Discover, we created a list that will keep our contacts that were found organized because we’ll be doing this with a wide range of targeted groups.

Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on exactly how we make this work.

Exporting Your Ideal Prospect’s Contact Information From Sales Navigator With Icy Leads Discover

1) Create a list in Icy Leads Discover



2) Click the extractor button in the left-hand corner of the screen



3) Make sure your new list is selected, and click extract all emails from this search

*be patient while Icy Leads goes through all of the Sales Navigator pages to extract the emails it can find.



4) Export the list of email addresses that we’ve collected



As you can see in the screenshot above, out of the 2,500 contacts we discovered in Sales Navigator, our software was able to find 2,461 verified email addresses.

5) Import our exported CSV into a spreadsheet



As you can see in the screenshot above, we were able to pull not only company emails, but personal email addresses attached to our prospects as well.

And since this is indeed a growth hacking guide, we’ll be using all of these email addresses for our next steps.

6) Filter out only the email addresses in another sheet



Put both the primary and secondary emails in one single column (just in case)

Make sure to remove the duplicates, which you can do directly in Google Sheets.

Now we have a list of 2,977 emails that we discovered in just a matter of seconds.

7) Add your Facebook account into Jarvee



We’ve already added our account in there, so I won’t be going over exactly how to do that but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

1) Go to the Social Profiles tab

2) Click the Add Profile button

3) Verify that your account is valid

That’s all you need to do to get your Facebook account into Jarvee.

In this case, since we’re only automating our Facebook profile, you can use this on your primary desktop where you’re logged into Facebook (no need for a VPS)

Just make sure that Jarvee stays open at all times, otherwise it won’t do anything.

8) Using Jarvee to send group invitations to our email list that we’ve discovered through Icy Leads

Click into the tools tab, then click on the Facebook account that we’ve added as seen in the screenshot below.



Once you’ve added your account into Jarvee, you’ll now navigate over to the Tools tab and adjust some settings for automating your Facebook account.

To ensure safety of your Facebook account, I’d start with the automation limits I’ve set on my account (I’ve been doing this for a while now)



Once you’ve set your automation limits, we’ll then paste in the contacts we discovered into Jarvee.

9) Follow the step-by-step instructions on what to do next as seen in the screenshots below.





The End Result?

Facebook will literally send the invitation emails from their server.

So what’s this mean for you?

You don’t need to affect deliverability sending out invitations through your own email outreach campaigns.

I’m not against it, because we do this as well, but it’s usually a vital step of our nurturing sequence.

But to have these emails sending at scale, on autopilot, it’s something you just can’t pass up.

We get a good bit of people requesting to join the group directly from this method every single day.

Facebook’s Subject Line



The Email Copy Facebook Sends Over



Now the rest of the invitation automation is up to Jarvee.

Jarvee will begin to invite all of these members through email at scale, on autopilot through their own emails.

We haven’t had any issues doing this since we started, so feel free to follow the step-by-step instructions above and do this for your own Facebook group.

Over time, you’ll notice you’ll have a cult following of your ideal prospects joining your Facebook group.

Now it’s up to you to engage your new passionate members inside of your group.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use an email finder to scrape a list of targeted prospect contact information
  • Import scraped emails into Jarvee
  • Run the Add Emails to Group Jarvee module to automate invitations

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