The Absolute Top 10 Marketing & Sales Facebook Groups to Join in 2021

In the world of lead generation, marketing and sales, there’s always more to learn. Every day, there seem to be more strategies, hacks, and skills that can overwhelm any marketing newbie or seasoned sales professional.

The best thing you can do is get involved with Facebook groups of like-minded people who share useful sales, marketing and lead generation tips and advice. If you think Facebook is just a place to share funny memes, post pictures of your pets in costumes and keep track of birthdays, you may be surprised what Facebook Groups can offer you and your business.

Join a Facebook Group: What’s the Point?

Ask Questions

Have a question about a sales technique or which email automation program works best for your organization? You are not the only one who has experienced this. There’s a good chance someone else has already solved that the problem you’re facing now — and you can find them right inside Facebook Groups! Ask your most pressing questions and you’ll surely get answers.

Get Feedback from Members

Like how editors can make your content flow better, you want to make sure your website, email templates, ads and landing pages are up to par. Many members will offer constructive feedback when you post and ask for advice in the Facebook group.

Help Other Members

Remember that some groups state in their rules that if members ask for feedback and advice, they must do the same for others to keep the community active, provide value (and lower your chances of having your posts marked as spam). You can share your expertise and experiences as an active member of the Facebook group, and you can inspire others to do the same.

Meet Other Like-Minded People

One key to success in sales and marketing is knowing the right people. No matter where you live, you can still network with professionals and entrepreneurs around the world inside Facebook Groups. You never know whom you find in a group.

Keep Tabs on Important News and Industry Trends

Almost every day, sales and digital marketing evolve, and it’s difficult to stay on top of everything when you’re busy with work and daily life.

That’s why a Facebook group is perfect, so you can read, share and discuss the latest news and industry trends without having to search for it.

Sell and Promote Things

If your target customer is in the same Facebook group, you can network to find your potential clients-those who show real-life interest in your product or service. If you write regular content, you can also promote your posts within the group, giving you the traffic boost you need.

With that being said, it is crucial to read the Facebook group’s rules beforehand so you are aware of any spamming and self-promotional behavior banned by the group’s owners and moderators.

Some groups below are closed. You may have to answer a few questions beforehand about your goals and meet certain criteria. When you join a Facebook group, you can gain access to people that can share their knowledge and advice you need-and for you to do the same.

Our Top 10 Marketing and Sales Facebook Groups

Sales Appointments on Autopilot

The first is our Facebook group, Sales Appointments on Autopilot. This group has grown to over 1,700 people from all over the world and was started last year for entrepreneurs who would like to close more deals on autopilot using Icy Leads.

The Sales Appointments On Autopilot group was created for entrepreneurs looking to grow a digital marketing agency and/or their B2B business.

We’re in there every day sharing tips and tricks from how to generate leads to our favorite ways to stand out among cold emails. And of course, our members are actively sharing their goals, wins, questions, and feedback.

Join Sales Appointments on Autopilot

Coffee with Dan

Over 17,500 people are in the Coffee with Dan group and posts averaging 10+ times per day. The group is for entrepreneurs making money, having more fun, and having more stuff to do. The group is a place for entrepreneurs to be themselves and find help.

Not only that, but it also helps you relax and laugh, which will make you more successful on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a great group if you’re looking for a more relaxed environment that can teach you tips to be more efficient as well. You’ll need to meet some prerequisites, though.

  • Be friends with Dan
  • Have 5 or more friends that are already in the group
  • Have a profile that looks like you are an entrepreneur (to the admin team)

Join Coffee with Dan


You can learn a lot about sales, acquiring new customers, prospecting, and everything else sales-related from the ClickFunnels Facebook group, even though it is run by a company that specializes in creating landing pages and building marketing funnels. Using Clickfunnels is not required for joining, although many group members use it.

The group has one of the largest active communities in this niche on Facebook with over 190,000 members. For beginners and experienced professionals alike, there are tons of tips, guidance, and knowledge.

What makes this group successful is its rules. The group is only for members who keep things positive and you may not make unsolicited spam posts or to post links. This keeps the focus on sharing useful information and fostering relationships among members.

Join ClickFunnels

Make It Happen with JB Sales

This group, which was started by one of the most prominent sales leaders and trainers in the industry, John Barrows, has many valuable resources. Members share webinars, articles, podcasts, lectures, and more.

The team behind this group and the members are super-engaged, meaning you’ll get answers to your questions fast. Lastly, Make It Happen is organized with posts tagged into different categories. This lets you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Join Make It Happen with JB Sales

Digital Marketing Questions

There is nothing better than being able to ask questions, network, and follow relevant industry content in a Facebook group that focuses on digital marketing. SEO, social media, PPC, analytics, and so on, are just some things Digital Marketing Questions covers. The group owner, Ryan Stewart, does pop in to answer questions and give professional digital marketers an overview of all digital marketing tasks (SEO, PPC, social, and analytics). This group works best for those in the eCommerce space looking to boost their digital marketing know-how.

Join Digital Marketing Help

Traffic and Copy

This group helps you improve the copy that is on your website and increase your traffic, as the name implies. You’ll learn about tips for creating your personal brand, writing copy that converts, and how to grow a Facebook page over time from this group. Every day inside this massive group, group owners Vin Clancy and Charlie Price are there to give valuable advice that will help your business grow.

Join Traffic and Copy

Marketing Solved

The group owner, Kat Sullivan, started Marketing Solved after noticing there was a need for more groups with an owner involved. She wanted to try to “solve” this issue, so she founded this group.

This group hosts many special events, including threads to support entrepreneurs at least three times a week. With this group, you receive exclusive access to articles, marketing skills training, tips & tutorials, marketing and business strategies, business success stories, and business support.

A live coaching and giveaway event is hosted there around once a month to facilitate beneficial connections among members and help their businesses. Kat deems live coaching a great way to help members get to know each other and support them with their businesses.

Join Marketing Solved

Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

In the beginning, group owner Peep Laja started a forum, but since taking it to Facebook, his Facebook group gained increased popularity because group members began a lot of conversations, whereas industry leaders also take part in deep conversations, and share their opinions about all things CRO and growth-related.

This ensures that members get access to a vibrant community for CRO-focused marketers, where they can get their questions answered, fast! Also, they can receive advice on analytics, growth, tag managers, etc.

Join Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants

Hernan Vazquez originally launched the group as a place to connect with other digital marketers and entrepreneurs. He has since revamped it as a group dedicated to learning how to generate more sales and leads using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and how to grow your business as rapidly as possible.

A skilled digital marketer with over 10 years of experience, Vazquez conducts live videos, posts content, and gets weekly interaction from his community. You’ll find inspiration, tips, tools, and news related to the digital marketing industry.

Join Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants

Growth Community

Growing your business is a priority here at the Growth Community Facebook group. Based on growth marketing, growth hacking, digital marketing, and prospecting, this group is dedicated to taking your business to the next level.

Want to know what growth marketing and growth hacking mean? The group’s owner, Jesse Ouellette, shares many growth marketing hacks and other advice that will help your business grow even faster.

Join the Growth Community

Choosing the Right Facebook Groups

Our suggested Facebook groups are a great place to start. There are thousands of Facebook groups just like these that are out there with thriving communities and helpful, kind members.

Make sure you’re getting the best value for your time and energy when picking which Facebook groups to join. There are only so many hours in the day to spend sifting through Facebook, so you want to be sure the groups you join are worth it.

Don’t be afraid to join several groups and see if they’re active and flourishing; narrow them down from there. You can also use the Facebook search bar to find other groups related to sales, lead generation or marketing. Check if any of your favorite websites, blogs and thought leaders in your niche have their own Facebook groups and consider joining them.

Take part in the groups you enjoy the most and then devote more time there to engage in conversations and connect with others. As you do this, you discover that Facebook groups are excellent sources of great information and a fantastic way to make connections.

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