How to Growth Hack Facebook Ads Interests Through Targeting Untapped Custom Audiences

Learn how to 10X your Facebook Ads targeting by implementing this stupid simple strategy using Icy Leads & LeadEnforce.

It’s pretty common that we hear about people running FB ads and overspending for absolutely no reason.


Because most people typically rely on Facebook’s interests to target their audiences.

Now while this does work for many, you need to understand that other marketers may be targeting the same interests and may also be running similar offers to them.

That’s where Icy Leads & LeadEnforce comes in.

What do these tools do?

Icy Leads finds unlimited emails in bulk from your ideal prospects in a matter of seconds.

LeadEnforce allows you to target a list of uploaded contacts while filtering out the leads that don’t actually exist on Facebook.


The combination of using both of these tools is remarkable.


You can now find lists of your ideal prospects in bulk using Icy Leads, and then import them inside of LeadEnforce to create a custom Facebook audience.

This allows you to specifically target your ideal prospects by a range of set filters that you wouldn’t be able to do on Facebook otherwise.

Here’s how:

First, you’ll need to understand that both of these tools aren’t free.

But they’ll indeed save you a ton of money and time when using them.

Once you’ve successfully created your account with Icy Leads & LeadEnforce, you can then follow the videos below that explain how to get the job done.

How to Find Lists of Your Ideal Prospects in Bulk Using Icy Leads Navigate

How to Import a List of Emails Found in Icy Leads Into LeadEnforce

Now that you understand how to find emails of your ideal prospects & upload them into LeadEnforce, you’ll need to share this custom audience with your Facebook Business Manager account.

LeadEnforce explains how to do this here.