#1 LeadFuze Alternative

LeadFuze vs Icy Leads - Which One is Best for You?

Looking for the best alternative to LeadFuze?

Icy Leads is the best email finder alternative when looking for more laser-targeted sales leads in bulk.

Compare the two and see exactly why Icy Leads comes out superior.

Icy Leads Logo
LeadFuze Logo
$99/mo – Unlimited Email Finder
$132/mo – 500 Credits
Free trial available
Find emails from LinkedIn
Search for emails by job title
Email sequences
Searchable lead database
Enrich data with emails
Company finder
Extract phone numbers
Extract social media profiles

Key Differences Between LeadFuze & Icy Leads

Icy Leads has to be the best email finder on the market right now.


Because it’s not just an email finder, no.

It’s also packed with tons of other features you can use for sales prospecting under one dashboard for one monthly fee.

Icy Leads doesn’t charge it’s customers by credits, so customers have full flexibility to build their email lists, send cold email sequences, and automate their LinkedIn activity.

Icy Leads also has a free trial available where you can find up to 500 emails and send email outreach sequences up to 3,000 contacts in your lists.

I was actually a HUGE fan of LeadFuze when they first came around because of the unlimited plan they had available for email searches.

Bad news is that they now charge based on lead credits as well.

Good news is that their product is still absolutely amazing.

The database searches are so simplified and easy to use and the Fuzebot list automation feature is extremely valuable if you’re using Zapier to automate your sales processes.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a tool that simplifies your sales list-building process, LeadFuze might be for you.